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Personal Information

Full NameAbhishek Malhan
Nick NameFukra Insaan
Date of Birth24 May 1997
Age26 years
Fukra insaan Net Worth/ Fukra insaan income$1.5 million
BirthplacePitampura, Delhi
Zodiac SignGemini

Family and Physical Appearance

Father’s nameVinay Malhan
Mother’s nameDimple Malhan
Siblings Prerna Malhan/Nischay Malhan
Height6’ 3”
Weight60 kg
Body measurement30-28-30 inches
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorBlack

Childhood, Family, And Education

Abhishek Malhan, as Fukra Insaan, is a well-known YouTuber and social media influencer. His popularity is demonstrated by the number of fans he has accumulated over time.

Fukra insaan Big boss
Fukra Insaan in childhood

Abhishek Malhan is the real name of Fukra Insaan. He was raised in Pitampura where he was born. He completed his business degree in the same manner as any other regular guy.

In comparison to his YouTube channel’s 5.97 million subscribers, Fukra Insaan has 1.2 million Instagram followers. Just after he started his YouTube page, his debut video, Insaan, was uploaded.

The price disparity between water bottles costing Rs. 20 and Rs. 600 was the subject of this video. The video became viral right away thanks to his brilliance.

Fukra Insaan, aka Abhishek, was born on May 24, 1997, in Delhi, India. Malhan belongs to a Hindu family. As of 2022, he will be 25 years old. Abhishek’s father’s name is Vinay Malhan, and his mother’s name is Dimple Malhan.

Fukra Insaan’s brother’s name is Nishchay Malhan (Trigger Insaan), and his sister’s name is Prerna Malhan. Talking about Fukra Insaan’s education, he completed his schooling at Lancer Convent School, Delhi.

He then joined the Delhi College of Arts and Commerce for his higher education, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in B.COM. He was very fast in his studies, but he was sad to study.

Fukra insaan Big boss
Fukra Insaan with his family

The main method of income for Abhishek Malhan is about 1 crore from both his YouTube channels. Fukra Insaan earns money from his YouTube channel as well as by doing brand promotions.

If we talk about Net worth, then Abhishek Malhan’s Net Worth is 2 to 3 crore. If we talk about Abhishek Malhan’s lifestyle, then he lives a very good life.

Fukra Insaan himself tells us in his videos that although he is a businessman, he spends some time on YouTube; this is his part-time work.

Fukra insaan Big boss

Fukra Insaan is also very fond of traveling; often he goes out for a walk in his free time. He is also very fond of expensive vehicles, and he is also very fond of driving. He looks different in every video of his. Fukra Insaan is also sometimes seen gaming with his brother.

Abhishek Malhan is the true identity of Fukra Insaan. After finishing college, Abhishek Malhan decided to become a YouTuber. His sibling helped him get access to YouTube. Abhishek has been uploading videos on YouTube since 2019.

Abhishek’s channel on the video-sharing website is called Fukra Insaan. Abhishek’s channel has videos in the genres of vlogs, funny challenges, and music videos. Plus, fill up your YouTube account with a ton of other fun clips.

Fukra insaan Big boss
Fukra Insaan with family

And he has a lot of cameos in music videos. About 4.21 million people have watched videos from his channel.

On average, each of his videos receives between 700,000 and 10,000,000 views.

On May 24, 1997, in Delhi, India, the life of Fukra Insaan, nicknamed Abhishek, began. Malhan was raised in a Hindu household. In 2022, he will have turned 25.

Abhishek’s parents, Vinay and Dimple Malhan are also doctors. Nishchay Malhan (Trigger Insaan) and Prerna Malhan are Fukra Insaan’s brother and sister, respectively. Regarding Fukra Insaan’s academic background, he attended and graduated from Delhi’s Lancer Convent School.

For his bachelor’s degree in business administration (B.COM), he enrolled at and graduated from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. It made him unhappy to study, but he learned quickly.

Abhishek Malhan’s primary source of income is about Rs. 1 crore from both of his YouTube channels; Fukra Insaan, however, makes money both through his channel and via brand promotions.

Fukra insaan Big boss
Fukra Insaan Big boss

Abhishek Malhan seems to have a comfortable existence; Fukra Insaan admits in his videos that despite being a successful businessman, he spends some time on YouTube as a side job.

Fukra Insaan enjoys going for long walks in his spare time, taking exotic cars out for spins, and seeing new places. In every video, he seems to be a different person. Fukra Insaan is also known to spend time playing video games with his siblings.


Fukra Insaan launched his YouTube channel in 2019 and now makes a living from the platform. His videos have received more than 60 million views to date. Fukra Insaan is not just a YouTuber but also a company owner, a rapper, and a singer.

His first channel was Fukra Insaan, and his second is Fukra Insan Live. His channel has 5.65 million subscribers and a total of 200 videos.

Fukra insaan Big boss

His specialty is the singularity of each of his videos. He, therefore, creates fresh videos using his own content. With Big Life, he made his musical debut in 2021. Insan has since created other music videos, including Tum Mere in 2021, Rahan in 2022, Din te Raat, and Tum Mere 2 this year. For his videos, he worked with well-known YouTubers Carry Minati and Ashish Chanchalani.

Fukra insaan Big boss

Fukra Insaan revealed in one of his interviews that he had always wanted to be a businessman. During his college years, he founded a business called Mr. Bond. However, he shut down this business in 2021, two years earlier.

Fukra insaan Big boss

His success is a result of the original content he produces. He produces a wide range of entertainment, including challenges, parodies, and video games. His brother, Nishchay Malhan, commonly known as Triggered Insan, is a star of The Thugesh Show, one of the most popular YouTube series. There are gold and silver YouTube buttons on Fukra Insan.

Major Works

  • Fukra Insaan YouTube Channel has 6,800,000 subscribers with 270 videos uploaded so far, and the overall channel views are 1.1B
  • Fukra Insaan YouTube subscribers increased by 150,000 on July 20th, 2023
  • Fukra Insaan YouTube Channel uploaded 1 video on July 16th, 2023
  • Fukra Insaan YouTube total subscribers increased by 740,000 from June 25th, 2023 to July 20th, 2023
  • His YouTube channel/account was created on July 1st, 2019 and the average likes based on the last 50 published videos is 277.1K.
Fukra insaan Big boss

Awards & achievements

Abhishek has 2 silver play buttons and 2 golden play buttons from YouTube.

Fukra insaan Big boss
Fukra Insaan with his play buttons


Bigg Boss OTT 2: Fukra insaan’s comment on Jiya Shankar’s skin irks netizens


  • Abhishek Malhan is an Indian YouTuber, gamer, and musician who is known for his challenge videos and comparison videos that he posts on his YouTube channel ‘Fukra Insaan.’ In 2023, took part in the reality digital series Bigg Boss OTT 2, as a contestant. The show was streamed on the OTT platform Jio Cinema.
  • Since childhood, he aspired to become a businessman. In an interview, he revealed that he took the first steps towards this goal during the first year of his college by establishing his own business under the name ‘Mr. Bond.’ His venture involved the sale of fast-moving consumer goods. 
  • In 2019, Abhishek Malhan created his own YouTube channel titled ‘Fukra Insaan’ on which he started posting comparison videos. In his first video, he compared water worth Rs 20 with water worth Rs 600. Some of his other comparison videos include ‘Rs100 VS Rs10,00,000 HOTEL ROOM,’ ‘RS 20 GOLGAPPE vs RS 500 GOLGAPPE,’ and ‘RS 100 PASTA VS RS 1,200 PASTA.’
  • He later started posting challenge videos on his YouTube channel. He also offers cash prizes to his viewers upon accomplishing tasks. Some of his challenge videos include ‘Last to take Hands of Rs1,50,000 Keeps it,’ ‘Last to leave the FROZEN POOL wins Rs10 LAKH,’ and ‘Last to leave the CHAIR wins Rs1,00,000.’
  • Alongside these content genres, he also entertains his viewers with humorous and prank videos.
  • After making his debut as a musician with the song ‘Big Life’ in 2021, he released his second music video titled ‘Fly High’ in the same year. Poster of the music video ‘Fly High’
  • In 2023, he released the music video for the Hindi song ‘Tum Mere 2’ featuring his brother, Nischay Malhan. The song was sung by Abhishek Malhan.
  • He has made various music videos including ‘Tum Mere’ (2021), ‘Dreamer’ (2021), ‘Rahaan’ (2022), and ‘Din te Raat’ (2023).Poster of the video song ‘Din te Raat’
  • In 2023, he, along with his brother Nischay Malhan, made a guest appearance on the popular YouTube talk show ‘The Thugesh Show.’Abhishek Malhan with Nischay Malhan on ‘The Thugesh Show’
  • Abhishek Malhan has teamed up with popular YouTubers like CarryMinati and Ashish Chanchlani for his videos.
  • He has been awarded the ‘Silver Creator Award’ and the ‘Gold Creator Award’ for achieving the milestone of reaching 1,000,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘Fukra Insaan.’ He has more than 1 Billion views on his channel. Abhishek Malhan with his Gold and Silver Creator Awards
  • Abhishek Malhan has a large number of fans on social media. He has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, 1.2 thousand followers on Facebook, 30.3 thousand followers on Twitter, and 5.96 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • Fukra is Ranked on the list of most popular YouTube stars. Also ranked in the elite list of famous people born in India. Fukra Insaan celebrates its birthday on May 24 every year.

Abhishek Malhan FAQS

Q – Is Abhishek Malhan married?

A – No, Abhishek Malhan is not married.

Q – How old is Fukra Insan?

A – Fukra Insan is 26 years old.

Q – Is Fukra the elder brother or the younger of the two brothers?

A – Fukra is the younger of the two brothers. 

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